Law Firm Marketing & Website Designs

Law Firms Marketing provides complete SEO and Web Design solutions to suit the needs of Lawyers and the legal industry.

Our lawyers marketing and SEO services are planned to help your law firm in getting high values cases. We know that every law firm deal in different practice areas, so solutions are planned to present your law firm as specialist in front of the people and business who need legal help.

Law Firms Marketing solutions have positive and continuing effect on your leads and cases. We make our lawyer marketing strategy on the basis of regular Google updates and algorithms changes. “Law Firms Marketing” has long term relationship with different lawyers and helps them to sign new cases and leads by ranking them in Google organic and local map.

Law Firms Marketing has proven record in supporting lawyers to improve their intake of leads and beat the entire competitor. We are one of the top Australia lawyer’s SEO and web design consultants expertise in legal industry including family law, personal injury, criminal defense and employment law firm marketing.

We do Marketing to Build your Law Firm Business Development Platform

What’s the difference between marketing and business development? At the risk of oversimplifying, marketing includes all the way you communicate to your target clientele about you value and capabilities-media relations, advertising, branding brochures, website, email marketing, and so on. Business development is, well, personal selling. If you have developed an effective marketing plan and have been implementing it conscientiously, your potential clients will already know who you are by the time you personally look them in the eye and shake hands. Marketing builds a platform from which your law firm can more easily get new cases. It let’s you start a personal relationship having already earned credibility. You can’t just do marketing or business development. It takes both to build credibility and bring new clients.

3 Benefits of having a Legal Marketing Consultant

  1. Save time by narrowing your focus.
  2. Save money by concentrating your marketing budget on a smaller but better qualified prospect list.
  3. Get more clients through higher response and conversion rates.

Law Firm Marketing Specialist

  • We have more than 8 years of experience in internet marketing and SEO
  • We have worked with over 50 law firm and lawyer’s websites
  • Since last 4 years we worked only with legal marketing industry
  • We have many Law Firm clients in Australia and all over the world

Law Firms Marketing is in the business because we love marketing, and by extension we love your Law Firm. This is why all our efforts are designed with care as per the practice areas. We review the designs of our client sites and revise them to what they need to be.

Law Firm Web Design: Our custom web designs not only represent your Law Firm, but also make them look great. We make unlimited revisions, use photography, manage content, and whip up designs completely original.

Law Firm SEO: With search engines turning conversational and interactive, we have adopted conversational SEO techniques. We research the local legal market, weed out weak links, develop content, localize businesses in the market, monitor trends and track the progress for SEO projects.

Law Firm Branding: Branding is not just about developing an image in the market, but making a lasting impression and growing influence. We brand firms in a way so that they own an identity as clear as daylight and a voice that reaches the distant quarters of the market.

Marketing Strategy to beat the Competition

If you want to rank higher on as compare to other lawyers on Google local map and search engine then consider Law Firms Marketing to see how we might be able to beat your completion in Australia.  With more than 8 years of marketing and advertising expertise to make you the leader in your location and grow your business.  We have worked with some of the fasted growing law firms from Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Get the more phone calls is the ultimate goal of all of our work. We can help you to reach out to targeted audience similar we have reached to you. With our lawyer marketing expertise, we try to bring most valuable leads and cases – for example, personal injury, family law, divorce, corporate and criminal defense cases.

Lawyer Web Design

The design of your website is an extension of your ability and hospitality. We make sure it shows off your talents, humility and alacrity in the work that you do. All the same, we make it whip smart.

Responsive Websites

Your business must evolve every day, and we make sure that happens by sending your way prospective clients from all over the country.

Law Firm SEO

Our marketing suites for law firms comprise of many things in bits and bobs. We do not rely alone on web design and social media advertisements, but also on PR, outreach programs, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, call tracking, video marketing, infographics, and more.

Recent Law Firm Website Design

Every Website Includes The Following Great Features

Innovative Custom Design
Mobile Friendly Responsive Design
Writing and Editing by an Attorney
Easy Publishing and Controls
Keyword Research and Optimization
Perfect For: Small Firms, Solos, Mid-Size Firms, Enterprise, Practice Sites and Blogs.

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