Most of us are busy in preparing for the holidays and the festive season has drawn a lot of our attentions. Still, we may make use of this festive time as potential time span for marketing our law firm. This holiday time can be considered as the best period for networking as well as spreading a word of mouth among out in the circle as well as get in touch with existing and prospective clients.

The time between thanksgiving and New year celebration is one of the most viable time for marketing the law firms alike other businesses. During this time majority of the law business, is moving on the slow pace. The clients are waiting for the holidays to be over for availing the legal services.  Apart they are bit free from the business affairs so it is easy to grab their attention. In this article, we will focus on how we can use this holiday period for marketing of our law firm.

  1. Holiday greeting cards: Greeting cards are the perfect way to approach the existing and previous clients that help you to keep in touch with them. It is advisable for the law firms to go for the holiday cards that is having an appealing message with the proper theme will remind the clients about you. Don’t forget to add the short note about your firm.
  2. Networking: The basic principle of networking that is never going to change is about communicating ourselves on regular basis with clients. The advertisements are tools to stay in touch with the clients in direct as well as indirect manner.
  3. New Year Announcements: The law firms may also float some aspiring announcements for the clients in New Year. This is the effective way of attracting the clients towards your services. You can either announce for the additional benefits for the clients as well as other promotional offers as per your needs.
  4. Charity Programs: Initiating a social cause charity in the New Year can help you in networking and spreading about your law firm within prospective clients. Even you may announce for the scholarships and other such charity initiatives for the needy that will bring you support and adornment from the others.
  5. Video Promotions: You may also go for the video promotions along with the online eCards and other social channels for promoting your law firm in the online sphere. This is the best period for planning the paid advertisement on the social media channels and other online platforms that help you in connecting with the potential clients.  A small 2 to 3 minutes of video stating about your law firm and services can help you in wide spreading the message about your services among the client in an impressive manner.

The above five steps can help you in getting best results from your efforts in marketing the law firm during holidays.

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